Stevia Sweetens Holiday Desserts around the Globe

Cuisines around the globe are wonderfully diverse, but one common thread is that almost all cultures enjoy traditional desserts and sweets to celebrate holidays, festivals and other special events. These treats come in a mouthwatering array of varieties such as cakes, candies, cookies, custards, pastries, tortes and more. While savoring favorite treats is an integral part of celebrations, calories, carbohydrates and added sugars remain a concern for many people. But using stevia in place of some of the sugar in holiday dessert recipes can help you enjoy their wonderful flavors with less calories and/or sugar. Below are just a few examples of traditional recipe ingredients “before” and “after” using stevia and the resulting reductions in calories and/or sugar in a serving of each. We hope you’ll try the delicious stevia-sweetened versions at your next celebration!



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