Add Stevia To Your Morning Routine

Everyone needs a little pick me up every now and then. For many people, coffee is a staple in their daily diet and whether you take it black or with cream and sugar sometimes a good Cup of Jo helps you get through the day.

Many people around the world like to add a little touch of sweetness to their coffee. In fact, daily consumption of “gourmet coffee” drinking is up to 34 percent in the US, according to the National Association for Coffee (NCA). And, the NCA’s 2014 research shows that only about 23 percent of people still drink their coffee black, which means people are often adding creamer along with various caloric sweeteners to their morning cup, which can translate to unwanted calories in the diet.

For a way to cut those unwanted calories but still enjoy some sweetness in your morning coffee, check out this recipe:

Black&WhiteSpiced Coffee Card

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